“Life is like underwear – change is good.”

With a little more time to work on the site, I’m renaming it and adding more content shortly. Coming soon…

Writing on the world’s goings-on:

  • Realistically speaking, there’s too much coming out of the current U.S. administration, so I won’t bother saying anything that has already been said.

My time in London:

  • With Saturday’s attack, hopefully things don’t get any crazier than they are, but this country is heading into an election and probably much, much tighter security measures. What this means for the UK, Europe, and the U.S. will be something to watch this summer.
  • I’m interning at a development bank, a new experience for me.

A dedicated development sub-blog:

  • There’s a lot going on in this field, a lot of interesting questions, and a lot of people to comment on this.

A good number of contributors: 

  • One of the nice things about grad school is that you meet a ton of smart people. I’m asking some to write on their own current affairs and policy interests.

And so, let’s keep this thing going.



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