Want to submit a piece? Writing and participating in this community is highly encouraged. Here are the criteria.

  • The topic should relate to current affairs:
    • public policy
    • global, national, regional, or local trends
    • international relations & foreign policy
    • economics
    • finance
    • public health
    • climate change and science issues
    • history (and why it is relevant)
    • technology & the internet
    • specific industries
    • law & social justice
    • education
    • complaining about Obama (Thanks, Obama.)
  • Articles can be anywhere between 200-2000 words, though longer pieces will be considered if a case can be made for it.
  • The aim should not be strictly political. Any article taking a side of an issue should be backed by thoughtful analysis.
  • We will also consider reflective pieces and/or personal essays (especially if it relates to the above topics) and book reviews.
  • If you’ve published it somewhere else, that’s fine.

Submitting: send an e-mail to with the article in a word document or other text file and attach separately at least one image to be featured.


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